Christmas Events & New custom car

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    Christmas Events
    Christmas is coming, and here on The Gaming Network we will also celebrate!
    Enjoy this year with the Christmas Events.
    There will be hosted multiple events where you will be rewarded Christmas Tokens, such as races, TDM, quizzes, and more.
    Also there is a treasure hunt that is already active. There are loads of presents scattered all over San Andres, start picking them up to collect christmas tokens!
    There will be new ones hidden every day, so keep looking for them in any location all over the map.
    You can check your Christmas Token balance at any time with /checkchristmastokens
    Christmas tokens are bound to your account, not character. So it does not matter which character you gain them on.

    Look for presents all over San Andreas.
    Walk onto it to pick it up.
    They may contain different amounts of tokens.

    On December 24th, the reward shop will open, where you can spend your tokens on all sorts of prizes. However they cannot be spent until then.
    As the shop opens, the player with the highest amount of christmas tokens will win the first prize.
    The prizes are things such as rare items, bitcoins, vpoints, vehicles and more!

    First Price
    The first prize is our new custom vehicle.
    This vehicle is NOT a donator vehicle. The very first one will be rewarded to the player with the highest amount of Christmas Tokens on December 24th.
    Later on this vehicle can be gained through very hard work that will require hundreds of hours to achieve.
    The goal is for this vehicle to be the most rare in the server.
    It will be delivered with 230 speed and 25 power, just like the Agera.
    The winner will spend all his tokens on unlocking this prize.

    Second and Third Prize
    For the second prize, the winner will win an Agera.
    The third prize will be a 50 power Infernus.
    For these winners, all the players tokens will be spent on unlocking this prize.

    The Gaming Network wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  2. Ahmed

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    Looks great, good job Jockeyzz!!
  3. Dark

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    +1 Looks good, and happy to see a classic :)
  4. Retex

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    This is the kind of shit we want to see! Good work!
  5. Emilio

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    This is lit! Well done Jockeyzz!
  6. Wuppix

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    Nice, but are the tokens tradable?
  7. hopzzz

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  8. Jockeyzz

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    Nope. That would defeat the purpose. Whoever manages to get the most tokens by himself gets the major prize. The rest will get to spend their points on other goodies.
  9. Luka

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    Jockeyzz da real Santa around here!
  10. BrunoJackson

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    cool good idea!
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    Updated with second and third prizes.
    Also keep in mind that the shop will open 24th of December with AWESOME prizes for everyone to buy with their tokens, so keep joining events and keep hunting for presents!
  14. Jockeyzz

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    Vercetti won the 1st prize.
    Eclipse won the 2nd prize.
    Awj3 won the 3rd prize.

    Christmas Shop is now open.
    Merry christmas to you all!

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