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    If you are a member of our Premium Members group here on the forums (Become one at you'll be glad to know that we are adding a brand new perk.

    Plex is a streaming application you can use to watch Movies and Popular TV Shows. We own our own server for this service, and can add almost any show or movie to it. The best part is, Most shows are available to watch on Plex within an hour of their original air date on Live TV. This is a great replacement to TV service, or even Hulu and Netflix. (as we have both hulu and Netflix exclusive content as well)

    Plex is included absolutely free with the purchase of a Premium membership on our forums. Which you can purchase Here
    Premium Features Include:
    • Access to the Game of the Week LAN Party (Currently on hold)
    • $10 worth of vPoints in our MTA Server included free
    • Premium access on the forums, With access to private forums
    • Your own personal channel on our TS/Discord
    • Your own email address
    • Access to The Gaming Network's Plex Server (Send show requests to Overload)
    • Custom Premium Tag on the forums
    • Edit your Forum Posts up to 8 Hours after making them!
    • No limit to Avatar File Size
    • More perks will come in the future, Absolutely free!

    The cost of Premium Monthly is $12.99. ​

    More about Plex
    Plex is much like Netflix. There are streaming Apps that you can use it on your Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, or almost any TV set top box. Its compatible with both Android and iOS, as well as it has a Desktop Application you can watch on as well!
    It is 100% Commercial Free
    In many cases, We have full series of shows, Including Season 1 Episode 1 all the way up to the current episode released.

    Here are the current shows that are automatically being added as soon as they are released
    New Shows & Movies can be requested and added by Premium Members (See Premium Forum)

    The use of Plex will make the cost of premium worth it alone, and everything else you get will be like its free! :)

    Sign up today and give it a try! :)

    Do you offer any Free Trials?
    Currently, we do not have a free trial on Premium Monthly. It is not possible for us to give only a trial of Plex. If you have any questions about how it works, or if you are unsure if it would be worth the cost, You can direct any questions to Overload or Indecisive.

    Is it Legal?
    Using Plex is 100% legal. Its much like subscribing to Hulu or Netflix, but Better.

    Are there any limits?
    No, There are no limits to how many concurrent streams you can have at one time. You could set Plex up on every TV in your house, and watch something different in each room with no issues. (If your home internet is fast enough) There are no limits to the service period.

    Can you add ANY show?
    In most cases, Yes. Some older shows may not be available, But we will do our best to add everything requested. New shows are setup on a automatic add, As soon as they are released they are added.

    I'm Already Premium, how do I get it?
    Visit the Premium Forums for a guide on how to get started! :)

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